viernes, 3 de agosto de 2007

Conversation in a restaurant level 14

Tes: conversations
In a Restaurant

Waiter: good afternoon and welcome to our restaaurant.
Yeraldin: good afternoon, miss.
Waiter:what would you like to eat?
Vanesa: please, two pasta
Waiter: What would you like to drink?
Vanesa: a soft- drink and orange juice, please
Waiter: here, it is and good appetite
Yeraldin: Oh! thank you very much.
Waiter:what will you have for dessert?
Vanesa: I´ll have a chocolate ice-cream and a cheese cake, please.

Fifteen minutes later.

Vanesa: waiter, waiter... the bill, please.
Waiter: here you are
Yeraldin: the food was delicious, waiter!
Vanesa: this is the money of the bill and this one is ford you.
Waiter: tanks a lot. see you soon!
Yeraldin: bye, bye.
Vanesa: Ok, good bye!
Waiter:oh, bye

Description of Mérida City.Level 11

Beautiful City

Mérida is beautiful, it`s interesting city for yours mountains and landscapes, it's very clean , yours weather is cold and the people are pleasant, but it's not too big. the teleférico is great and the rivers are turist places. the more popular is the waterfall chorros de milla.

present perfect.Level 10


I have gone to visit to my grandmother twice this month
I've cooked the dinner three times this week
I've jogged in the Vereda del Lago once this week
I've eaten fast food every day in the lunch time this week

I haven't gone for shopping at mall this week
I haven't seen scary movies this week
I haven't called to my friends today
I haven't done aerobics this week

viernes, 27 de julio de 2007

These are my friends

Unit 9. What does my father look like?


•My father is medium height he´s thin, your hair is short and black, he´s hansome and young.
•Your name is Roilando Roa he work in the mayor´s office of maracaibo he weare uniform, it´s black pants and Light blue shirt, and his favorite color is blue.